Poison Ivy of The Cramps

1. The Gun Club, "She's Like Heroin to Me"
2. Adolescents, "Kids of the Black Hole" 
3. Suicidal Tendencies, "You Can't Bring Me Down" 
4. Social Distortion, "Highway 101"

2011 LP debuts in Billboard Top Five

The Sound of Orange County,  Cali

Sun, Surf & Punk that Never Says Die–Social Distortion: Life in Orange County, Cali


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33 is a fascinating series of over seventy books written about your favorite albums, with one author offering an in-depth and often deeply personal exegesis of that LP. The series is edited by David Barker and published by Continuum Books. The series title refers to the speed (33⅓ revolutions per minute) of an LP or Long-Playing album. Though listeners may now cherry-pick individual tunes off iTunes or elsewhere, these highly-collectible books let them know that they are missing an exquisite  and meaningful experience when they bypass the sustained artistry of an entire LP.   My faves pictured above: Joni Mitchell's Court & Spark by Sean Nelson, Jeff Buckley's masterpiece Grace by Daphne A. Brooks & Dan Koi's take on Hawai'i's greatest voice, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole/ IZ.    

Goth Style
A native San Franciscan, current WSU/Vancouver professor Carol Siegel expected hetereosexual relationships to have thoroughly revolutionized themselves long before now. The gay movement she observed in her childhood and teen years led her to expect activism from everyone, for everybody. Revisiting Siegel's millennial critique of music, film, TV, gender, sexuality, relationships, helps me ask, "where is world culture headed in 2011?" The ideas that underlie every element in popular music write themselves as politics, economics, gender scripts, stasis, rupture. Her book, Goth's Dark Empire, on the vibrant radicality of Goth music and culture is one of my all-time favorites. 
I turned to it today to articulate just what is lost when I heard beautiful singer Diane Birch cover Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, in a 1970s R&B or Gospel style, proving the value of the original compositions as truly great pop songs, and utterly ignoring how they accomplish gender revolutions, erotic redemptions, pieces of freedom.  
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The sexual politics of television culture is the area covered by this book of essays, including one by Carol Siegel. The Sopranos, Oz, Six Feet Under, The L WordThe Bachelor get evaluated by third wave feminism's takes on feminist spectatorship, the sex wars, and the politics of visual pleasure.

The book offers an exuberant and accessible discussion of what television has to offer today's feminist fan.  It also sets a new tone for future debate, turning away from a sober, near-pessimistic trend in much feminist media studies to reconnect with the roots of third wave feminism in riot girl culture, sex radical feminism, and black feminism, tracing too the narratives provided by queer theory in which pleasure has a less contested place.

Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music by Greg Milner
Here's a clear account of how and why the music business fouled itself up. A must-read.

Finally . . .  here's the link to my article on The Huffington Post on the Rumpus Women's wonderful personal essays . . .