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Henry Rollins at Largo: Hero Time Starts Right Now

The recent 50th birthday of musician/writer/DJ/activist Henry Rollins provides a chance not just to celebrate his accomplishments and longevity, but to take another listen to the artists that have so influenced him.  Rollins notes in the Feb 2nd issue of the print edition of LA Weekly: "in my very impressionable later teenage years, in came the noise that would start a revolution in my mind that I have never been able to quell. The Clash, Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Devo, the Saints, the Damned, the Adverts and many others, all fitting somewhat together under the umbrella of punk rock and independent music." (below, Buzzcocks video) 
As a longtime fan of Los Angeles and Orange County punk/hardcore, I remain fascinated by Rollins' music, words, ideas, effectiveness. His career presents a chance to think about self-respect and anger. Punk and ethics. Nihilism and activism. Futility and freedom. 
12/5/10 Henry Rollins in Africa
'81: Henry Rollins by Shepard Fairey
On Feb. 10, Henry Rollins started a series of birthday-themed shows at Joe's Pub in New York, followed by performances at Grosvenor Auditorium at National Geographic in Washington, DC, and a hometown stand at LA's Largo at The Coronet, starting on Feb. 16. 
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